What Flooring is Right For You ?


If you are a “First Time Buyer”, “Renovating or Decorating” it all starts from the ground up.
There is no better “Feeling like Home” than the comforts of thick piled carpet underfoot, or the classic stylish finish of semi solid engineered wood flooring.
Making a decision on what flooring is right for you can be difficult when you have so much to consider…
Your Budget, Your Lifestyle, The area that needs to be covered, What is the Best Quality, the factors to consider are endless…


So here are a few Tips & Do’s & Don’ts from the team at D15 Interiors…

Be realistic…. Consider your lifestyle, your family the traffic your flooring will get and always remember your flooring should be an investment.
If you choose carpets, wood flooring or vinyl floor coverings, any good quality carpet and flooring carry a 10-15 year warranty so you should always try and choose a colour and style that will be timeless and suit your home if you decide to change the decor in the future.
When you have a busy home with little ones running around, or much loved family pets, you need to be practical and consider the traffic and wear and tear.
Our collection of vinyl is a popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and hi traffic areas.
A tip for washing your vinyl floors, if you use only hot water and a drop of washing up liquid rather than detergents and bleach, this way your vinyl will retain that nice shine for years to come.


We are often asked…

What is the best way to wash Laminate Flooring ?
At D15 Interiors we would always advise customers when Washing Laminate Flooring to “Always avoid using too much Water” and again it is best to only use a small drop of washing up liquid and a well rung out mop.
Laminate flooring will warp over time if exposed to too much water.
For families with pets we would advise avoiding any flooring with a gloss finish.
The Gloss finish can easily tarnish with pets claws and nails.
A laminate wood flooring with a matt finish would be more durable.
All our carpets carry a 10 year stain free warranty and are bleach cleanable.

What is the Best Colour Carpet For Bedrooms ?
For bedrooms at D15 Interiors we recommend neutral tones to create a calming and soothing ambiance.
We would advise families with small children or pets to avoid light tones like whites and creams.
Shades of Greys and Beige are on trend and timeless…
Regardless of your choice of wall and furnishing decor in the future the reliable Greys & Beige tones will remain stylish and won’t wear or stain easily.
If you are looking for Flooring that will last a Lifetime our Boen collection is the one for you.
Here at D15 Interiors we are one of very few stockist in Ireland of the exclusive Boen brand of Semi Solid Engineered Wood Flooring.
The Boen collection is a favourite with renowned Irish & European Architects and Interior Designers.
This exclusive collection of semi solid engineered wood flooring is designed to last a lifetime and it is a popular choice for first time buyers, hotels and architecturally designed commercial buildings. Bevelled Antique Oak is a top seller at D15 Interiors in the Boen range.

What to Consider when Fitting your Flooring?
When fitting carpet, vinyl or laminate wood flooring we would always advise to leave it to the professionals! Having a professional fitter fit your carpet, vinyl or laminate wood flooring will cost extra but it is worth it.
Choosing a heavy duty underlay for your carpet gives it that soft cushioned feel underfoot . Underlay also provides additional insulation and a sound barrier for the stairs and upstairs bedrooms. At D15 Interiors we use 11mm heavy duty underlay as standard.

What Flooring Colours are on Trend for 2018 ?
For Carpets ~ Flint Grey is the New Beige
While carpet in neutral tones is an all time favourite, the newest styles are available in a broad range of spectacular colours and eye-popping patterns .
If your choice is Laminate Wood Flooring – Herringbone Flooring styles are back with a bang and are one of the best sellers at the moment. We have a choice of wood flooring and vinyl in Herringbone.
Vinyl is Durable and Anti- Slip with some of our collections such as the Platinum Plus Vinyl carrying a 20 year warranty.
At D15 Interiors the Grey or Truffle wood effect and the timeless Herringbone are on trend and hugely popular with our customers.